Thursday, May 11, 2006

An American Travesty

How was Chris voted off American Idol last night? It lends me to believe that the voting does not mean anything. That the producers of the show knew Chris was going to win and to make it interesting enginered to have off the show. Or I could have too much time on my hands.

Clering the Air

My comments on MFY fans being classless should not be taken as a generalization on all MFY fans. It was meant to apply to the bandwagon fans who do not stop beating their chests. Yes, I hate the MFYs but I still acknowledge that they are a very good team. I know there good intelligent MFY fans out there...I just don't run into many of them.

Not Our Night

Tough Loss. Schilling looked tired and couldn't really locate his pitches. I guess King George's comments woke Arod up. I am really starting to like the Mike Lowell era. I was against starting him when they obtained him the Beckett deal as I thought his best days were behind him. I was wrong. He's been on a tear. And I love seeing Papi murder the MFYs. It must kill George as he wanted him so badly.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Very Nice

Great win for the boys last night. Beckett looked great. Loretta is finally breaking out his slump. AGon showed a little offense. Nice win all around. It is made even better watching George's million dollar babies starting to crumble. Johnson looks very medicore. Arod's playing with a lead glove. I am so happy the Arod deal fell through with the Sox. While he may be talented there is something about him that just bothers me. Anyways, great win. It will interesting to see the spin that MFY fans put on this.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Talk to me when you win another 25"

That is the inane response I got when the Sox won in 2004. I am in court every morning and for the most part see the same people every day. The majority are MFY fans with some Met fans mixed in. During the MFY title run I was subjected to non-stop chest beating. But what could I due...they were winning - they were a good team. When the Sox lost game 7 in 2003 becuase of a certain manager's brian freeze, I was actually spared the taunts. Maybe it was because of the look on my face (stunned disbelief) or may be they finally resepected me as a Sox fan. After the Sox won it all I realized it was the former. I expected some congratulations maybe a little ribbing. What I got was constant gripping. "You only won one" "Now you have to wait another 86 years" Just stupid comments and not one congratulations. What did I expect? MFY fans are biggest bandwagon classless fans around.

Looking out the window.... my office, I see the stadium. It is an awful sight. How did this happen? How did I end up working in the shadows of Yankee Stadium? I have worked in the Bronx since 1995...the year before the Yankees began their run of championships. I lived through hell. I graduated law school in 1994 and began looking for jobs in both Boston and New York (I went to law school in New York). Luckily, though a connection I was hired by a small firm in the Bronx. I've been here ever since and am now a partner. Growing up as a diehard Red Sox fan, I could not fathom living in New York, much less working right by Yankee Stadium. But that is how I ended up. I think my passion for the Sox is greater becuase of this situation. Anyways, I wanted to write this blog to talk about what is like to be a Boston Sports Fan in enemy territory.